On the beach in the DR, too many years back!

I’ve always wanted to live a couple dozen lives … hard for me to pick just one! So I pack as much as I can into this one existence. I grew up in beautiful, safe St. Louis suburbs but after high school headed to the south side of Chicago (U of C) and then other parts of town; with bits of time in Miami (Coral Gables, Coconut Grove), and Hilton Head (parents’).

I lived in Manhattan longer than anywhere else and love it most. I spent nearly 3 years in Milan. And at 50 I decided to try a “healthy” change and picked a spot in the Virginia countryside near the Chesapeake Bay, where I turned an old farmhouse into Heaven Scent Bed and Breakfast. I ran that from 2004 through 2019; never quite got in gear again for 2021. And finally sold! It was a beautiful home and property but all those years in the country I kept missing city life. Yes, I have left those marvelous flower-scented breezes, the perfect silence allowing deep sleep, the freedom to leave the keys in the car, the joy of walking out my front door to get fresh thyme, rosemary, and blueberries! I will miss the peonies, lilacs, iris, roses, magnolias, … But oh I need more life around me! And I am an odd one, who thinks nothing of walking 10 miles in a city but finds a mile in the country just a slog.

Before turning into an innkeeper, I’d been a junior editor for a city magazine, a restaurant reviewer, a translator, a teacher of English as a second language, a language school director, a bank VP (international – wholesale), a programmer and a webmaster. Now I’m officially retired – but I’ll welcome a chance to do translations – documents or websites – or more ESL/EFL teaching – and would like to make more videos as I travel, and when I settle into a new home. Where will that be? Not a decision I wish to make hastily.

I’ll use this site to let friends know where I am and what I’m up to; to reflect on past travels and chat about plans for more; and to share delightful experiences and finds. I hope you’ll enjoy it all with me.