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Back to the USA

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These are my last hours in France for this year. Kristian left late afternoon and will soon be home. I’m counting on a 3:30 a.m. taxi ride to the transport interchange known as Sabines. I am booked on FlixBus to get to Barcelona, and will then need a taxi to the airport for my 12:50 flight to JFK.

I have only rough plans for the coming months, but they include trying for a long-stay visa for France. That would be a six-month visa, renewable. Trying to find where to live is a huge undertaking when the choice is completely open. No complaint there. It’s just that I’ll need to do a lot of house-hunting before I can make a decision.

And yes, that does mean I’m going to aim for France, as I thought at the outset of this trip.

Meanwhile, I’ll make a few stops in the US over the fall and early winter. After a couple of weeks in NYC, I’ll fly to St. Louis, San Francisco, Houston, … And I’d like to arrange a few weeks in Cancun and Puerto Morelos before the end of the year. Hope to meet up with friends as often as possible, so leave a comment if you see a chance for us to get together.

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