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Side view of a Lion walking, Panthera Leo, 10 years old, isolated on white

Reading the signs

When I run into someone who's attentive to astrology, I have fun identifying myself as a Leo many times over, but with Venus in Gemini.…

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thinking things over

France: Summing up, 2022

I've spent seven weeks of this period abroad exploring SW France, and in September will go back for another two. Now spending a two-month interval…


First Road Trip

[wpgmza id="1"] Leaving Virginia! My home since January 2003, but now I am happily homeless: pro tempore, and choice, not hardship. My first destination is…

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Heaven Scent B&B is permanently closed

A new start

Didn't we all have a lot of time to think about our lives as the pandemic changed how we lived day-to-day? To think about what…