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When I run into someone who’s attentive to astrology, I have fun identifying myself as a Leo many times over, but with Venus in Gemini. I like to blame my commitment issues – “never can choose just one” – on that Gemini aspect of my affections.

And so now, as I travel to explore where I’d like to try to make my next home, I feel that all-too-familiar tug between two very unlike options.

On the one hand, France. How many times have I said that’s where I’m happiest? The countryside, the language, the history, the food, the culture all combine to make me feel I’m home, comfy, happy and snug.

And on the other, this new exploration of Türkiye. How many people have objected that the political situation is too fragile, the future too uncertain, security unpredictable? And yet, I keep meeting Europeans who’ve got a second home there, and being told of friends of friends – Americans and others – who have opted to live somewhere between Didim and Alanya, or rather, Gasipaşa, the area around the new airport east of Alanya.

I am so drawn to France, as always. Yet I also love change and new adventures, so I’ve got an internal battle going on, between the temptation of settling in France, which feels so familiar and cozy even as I visit areas I’d never been to before, and the temptation of a really new adventure, with a new language and culture to get to understand, and a fascinating country to explore.

Don’t place your bets just yet. Stay tuned.

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