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One of my aims in staying in Cambridge a few nights was to get up to see Ely and its cathedral. It’s such an easy day trip by train, taking only about 15 minutes each way. The town is very walkable – it’s the second smallest city in England – and charming.

The Cathedral page announces, “Ely has welcomed visitors and pilgrims for over 1300 years.” In histories of medieval and earlier times, this was the Isle of Ely, but then the marshlands were drained: no more island. The cathedral is stunning, with elements from many centuries: a Norman nave, a tower completed about 1189, a painted ceiling from the 19th century – an ancient yet growing and changing structure over all this time. My visit didn’t coincide with any of the special tours, but I would like to book them sometime and return. My few photos hardly do any justice: see the church’s website! – but I loved getting to see what I could of the structure. Did not climb the hundreds of stairs, though!

I decided to try the Minster Tavern for lunch, and that was a great choice. Settled into a comfortable armchair and got on wifi with my laptop to do some writing while enjoying a first pint of cask ale. Then I took Monday’s lunch special, fish and chips with a pint of ale for 8 pounds 99. Supposedly a small portion of fish and chips but I couldn’t have eaten more. Delicious. The barmaid was very friendly and relaxed, the atmosphere in the pub was cozy … Along with the pleasant chats I had with attendants at the cathedral and a little interview on the street from a Cambridge radio reporter, it was a delightful day.

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  1. Feyge

    What an interesting choice – Ely. Wouldn’t have known to consider it. Keep the good ideas coming.

    1. Pat

      Thanks! Have you been to Canterbury? If not, you might plan an excursion when you’re in London this month.