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Whether I’m alone or with Kristian or Margaret, this is a period of living pretty simply – as always, enjoying good food and wine, but at modest cost (though groceries are most all organic, and food out is usually a restaurant or brasserie, so not rock bottom). I/We are having fun trying bargains in wine at convenience groceries and a few slightly higher (ever so slightly!) bottles from festivals and wine stores. Thought I would share what I have recorded, along with the prices I can pin down, just to show how different prices are here. There has yet to be a bottle we didn’t enjoy. Most are tastier, smoother, more delightful than you’d expect – as long as your expectations are reasonable and proportional!

I’m trying to turn up more label images and match them to the few receipts I still have. At the moment, I have these items in receipts, besides the bottles shown above:

  • Le Grand Cab, 25 May @ 4.90
  • Côtes du Rhône Villages “Pla …”? 27 May @5.65
  • Prosecco Riccado, 30 May @ 6.87

While most labels, and the little list, don’t show the vintage, the years are what you would imagine: mostly 2020, even perhaps a 2021, occasionally 2019, one 2017, one 2016 – and of course, non vintage Prosecco (oops, hardly French, but bought here) and Champagne.

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