Laptop stolen at CDG!

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While I was waiting for a train at the airport station, a quick thief snatched my laptop from its tote right beside/behind me. Huge loss and will affect updates here as well as much else in daily life.

This is going to be difficult to replace as it was a model I customized carefully. HP Elitebook x360 with an edge-to-edge Gorilla glass touch screen with 1,000-nit brightness! So hard to come by!

The Bang & Olufsen sound was a joy as well. Great media machine.

The 1 Tb ssd is the easiest part to replace. I back up, and I’d cloned my OS drive onto a spare ssd just the night before leaving.

I loved the small 13″ size, a bit heavy because of being a very robust unit, but lighter than any other I’ve had.

So, far from a consumer-store off-the-shelf laptop. I’ve customized computer specs since … 1990. Will take a while to figure out what to get while I’m in France.

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