Le-Grau-de-Roi in the Gard

Le Grau de Roi

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Kristian and I made a day trip to the coast May 22, to the closest beach we could reach by public transport. Using the ticket machines in Nîmes station, I paid over 30 euros for our two tickets, which should have been a euro each way – as we learned from the train personnel who gathered to marvel at our tickets, but who could do nothing about a refund or correction beyond suggesting that we give it a try online.

We found a somewhat cute town, with a few examples of very interesting architecture. Of course there were dozens of seafood restaurants and souvenir shops, and a few spots for boat rentals. The beaches had muddy-looking sand and were quite unappealing; we were told the better beach was further off than we could reasonably get to without a car. It wasn’t hard to conclude that this was not the place I’d want to have as my go-to beach. One more spot crossed off …

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