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This will certainly be added to, but it’s a start. Just as on the 2022 map, I’ve used the standard red marker for places I’ve stayed, a gray woman marker for day trips, and comedy masks for performances. But, whereas the 2022 map has its place list below in reverse order: December back to January, this 2023 map has its list below running from January to December. Well – to October, anyway, for now!

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  1. Kerry Byers

    I hope you’ve packed for the cold wave hitting the Midwest. Got your card and you’re welcome anytime. I hope your application settles in your favor. Will be thinking of you in warm Cancun this ?Fall/Winter. Safe and happy travels! Kerry

    1. Pat

      Thanks! Expect to be off to Cancun soon, then back to France December 3 with 1-year visa in hand! Hallelujah! I look forward to writing you next year that you’re welcome with me any time! Meanwhile – likely to land on your doorstep when the move is being prepared.