Mid-July Update from Burhaniye

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I’m writing from Burhaniye where I’m having a delightful visit with BB and family. I had no expectation beyond an interesting trip south – ferry and bus, with a change in Bandirma that gave me time for a meal and a beer – and a relaxed family visit in this beach town.

But Mustafa has been more than ready to do even more driving than their own roundtrip from Ankara. We went to Troy and Çanakkale my first day, and last night, under a full moon, to Cunda Island off Ayvalik.

In between, we’ve lazed by the beach, just around the next little bay where it’s less windy. Yesterday, the weekly market was just around the corner. And oh, the homemade food, with Mustafa’s friends in Çanakkale and here with BB’s terrific cooking and Mustafa’s grilling. See my separate post on Turkish food. It’s all been such a treat!

Tomorrow, July 15 – parents’ anniversary (1939), so they will be even more on my mind than usual – I’ll return, again by bus and ferry, to Istanbul. Saturday I’ll be at the 7 Tenors concert that opens the 13th Istanbul Opera Festival. I’ll stay on in Istanbul for at least two more festival operas: Tosca and IV Murat. My friend Berke will be playing in the orchestra at the three concerts I’ve booked.

By the end of the month, I’ll resume traveling in Türkiye. I’m thinking Antalya, because I want to see what it’s like in midsummer. Is it that hot? How warm is the water? I still hope to get to Izmir. I might make a short visit to Ankara. My schedule is still fluid.

Mid-August, I’ll head to England, where I’ll visit Diana in Kent – perhaps managing a couple of nights in London on the way if I can manage a Proms ticket and cheap enough lodging. Early September, back to Montpellier where Kristian will meet me.

I’m looking to book a ticket back to NYC around September 19. I have a flight from LGA to St. Louis on September 28. That’s it for now.

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