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Today I’m traveling from Istanbul to Milan, and in about a week will go on to France where I’ll meet up with Kristian – where/when yet to be determined – and on the 27th, with Margaret as well.

When Margaret heads back to the US on June 21, she’ll be flying from Brussels, so we plan to go there together for a couple of nights. From there I expect to go to Denmark to visit Arne and Inge.

The rest of this trip is still in rough draft; I expect to spend the last half of July and likely all of August in Turkiye, then meet up with Kristian again (in France? I think, I hope) for the first half of September.

What’s yet to be worked in is a visit to Diana in Deal, Kent. Definitely going to get there, likely for 10-14 days, but just when is up in the air.

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