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On my way to France

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I’ve just had a short(ened) stay in Milan, two nights at Francesco’s, three nights downtown in an apartment at the corner of via Torino and via Lupetta, just a couple of blocks from the always-impressive Duomo and Galleria.

Now I’m heading to Nîmes, on a series of three trains – the first and last, TVG, first class with a nice solo seat. Milano > Chambéry > Valence > Nîmes. I’ll get in after my hotel’s reception has closed, so I have instructions for door and safe codes and where to find my key. Sounds easier than my Milano check-in, which was a disaster (no staff, no wifi to work their codes because I don’t have an Italian sim, remote manager with a telephone so buzzy and distorted that three Italians I beckoned to for help, and who used their phones to call her, were all just as baffled as I).

Milano was a huge let-down, but literally putting it behind me on this train, with the boost of Handel’s music (over my new-especially-for-this-trip Etymotic earphones) helping to restore me. My window seat is giving me glimpses of mountains that remind me of decades-ago drives from Milan through Val d’Aosta and Mont Blanc to Geneva. Half a lifetime ago, and the memories feel so very remote.

Reaching France, where I may find my next home, really will be a new start. So very ready!

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