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Vienna plans – nearly there!

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I’ve been looking at restaurants in my hotel/opera district in Vienna, and am finding some interesting options. One, a Chinese restaurant called Hao Noodle and Tea, is right at Opernring 19. It has one of the appetizers I’ve so missed since leaving Manhattan: wonton in spicy Szechuan sauce. They also offer Peking duck wraps as an appetizer, and serve softshell crab tempura. Then, it seems there are quite a number of Korean restaurants off to the east side of Innere Stadt, so I may go for japchae and galbi or bul gogi. I’m not planning any high-style lunches or dinners in Vienna. I’d like to try these place and then, for Viennese style, just some cafes for a coffee and pastry. I see the coffeehouse Café Prückel at Stubenring 24 has piano music after 7 pm on Monday and Wednesday (and Friday, but I’ll be gone by then) and that seems like a good stop to make. Café Bräunerhof at Stallburggasse 2 is said to have a trio playing sometimes, but I haven’t found when.

I’ve been looking at current exhibits and think the Möbelmuseum Wien interests me most. As for other sight-seeing, I will just walk and also jump on streetcars or buses to get a view of the town. Will post first hotel pics Monday eve.

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