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A map overview of 2022

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Friends have sometimes said they’re not quite sure where I’m roaming, as some of the places are unfamiliar. I’ve finally got a map plug-in working here, so I can offer a visualization of my first year of being “happily homeless.” I’m exceedingly pleased with all my travels; I’ve done as I hoped to: spent time with a lot of dear friends, gotten to some wonderful concerts and theatre, and checked out a lot of towns I’d thought might make for a future home. Many have been crossed off my list, but no matter, there’s much more to explore, and a few places survived the first cut. I am itchy to hit the road again, and I will soon – in just one week, I’m on my way to Paris. Yayyyyyy!

I’ve used three types of markers: the typical map marker, in red, marks the places I’ve stayed in. The woman, rather gray (oh dear, appropriate?) shows day trips. And the comedy masks mark performances I attended. It has been glorious.

NB: the list below the map is in chronological order starting with the end of December, working backwards to January.

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