So, what about Mexico?

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I went to Cancun with Flori around New Year 2015 and stayed in the area till mid-April because I liked it so much. That first winter I decided Cancun should be my future home, and I spent all the next winters there, till this past when I was stuck in Virginia to get my house sold and to move out. Now that I’m house-free, friends have figured I’d be moving to Cancun – because that had been my plan. I love it there for the great weather and the beautiful sea to swim in essentially year ’round. I’ve grown deeply fond of a number of new friends there; it’s definitely on my list of happy places. Evidence: my little website, But staying in the area through a year+ of the pandemic changed my thinking. For one, crime seems way up, and not just drug-related targets, but armed robberies and in-person aggression. I had to acknowledge that my Mexican friends who said I shouldn’t be walking all over town, as I liked to, were right … Still. I’m about to go back for a visit, staying in Puerto Morelos where I spent those pandemic months (till coming home in April 2021 when it was easy to get vaccinated). And I plan to be back again in October or November. So, it’s not out of the question, but it’s not top of my list now. We’ll see.

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