Puerto Morelos: feels like coming home

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If you’ve had good experiences in Mexico, you understand why so many Americans and Canadians come time and again, and so many choose to retire here. From the moment I stepped outside the Cancun airport, I felt happy and like I’d come home. The gorgeous night weather. Friendly people. And then arriving in Puerto Morelos, my home for so much of the early-mid pandemic period (knowing it’s not over; I think “mid” is still the term), to stay with a friend from those months in 2020.

For someone like me who likes hot weather, this region is pleasantly mild in these months. It’s warm enough to swim, of course, and oh! this gorgeous sea! I will always enjoy melting into the seductive turquoise waters. The breeze is lovely, the beach is long and makes for good walks, the people are friendly and the vibe is welcoming.

I’ve admitted that the increasing crime in Cancun has concerned me. But Puerto Morelos still feels like a safe haven from everything. The shooting attack at an all-inclusive that was reported widely as occurring in Puerto Morelos was technically in this municipality, true, but in fact that’s an enclave close to Cancun that I couldn’t possibly walk to from here. It’s not a place anyone thinks of as being part of town. So friends, please don’t think of that and worry.

I fear Puerto Morelos is on its way to being crazily over-developed and swamped with new condos. I’ve been hearing that a number of in-town restaurants will close, their buildings will be torn down, and new condos will be built on their lots. So I don’t think of this as any likely future home; I think of it as a place to enjoy when I can in the coming couple of years. And then it will be time for somewhere new: for me, anyway.

I joined a mostly Canadian crowd the other night at Habanero’s, one of the restaurants that will soon close.

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