A rare visit to family

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My brother and I have had little time together as adults – or really, since he married while I was still in college. He’s got family, and has stayed in the St. Louis area (St. Charles county), and I headed East. Ron never came to NYC in my 20+ years there, and in the 19 years I lived in Virginia, I think he paid four brief visits. On my side, it’s always taken some particular event, a funeral or memorial, a cousin’s anniversary party, a reunion; once, Ron’s birthday and wanting to bring him some things he inherited, for me to head to Missouri. I’m no longer tied to any business or other responsibilities and plan to visit whenever I make trips back to the US.

Danish cinnamon rolls

We had fun this first post-house-sale visit of mine, taking turns cooking. Ron made me his Cajun chicken one evening, and pork steaks another – both new to me. I made mushroom risotto (as Jo loves risotto) once, and boeuf bourguignon when Ron’s son and family were joining us. I also made Danish cinnamon rolls, gougères (which Ron will now add to his repertoire) and focaccia. It was fun! But we didn’t take any pictures, so I’ve used ones from past baking. Wish I’d taken photos of the family I got to see!

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