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March 24 update: I thought I had my plans settled, but – things change! Was planning largely around friends, so when their schedules changed, so did mine. Drastically. Here’s what I just finished booking today/tonight! I’ve extended my stay in Puerto Morelos, for a start.

I’ll keep updating this page through the year.

Apr 6: Leave Puerto Morelos for St. Louis; with Ron and Jo till Apr 9

Apr 9: Long Island City with Margaret and Kate

Apr 10: Fly to Vienna; Schlosshotel Römischer Kaiser

Apr 14: Train to Budapest; Novotel Budapest Danube

Apr 18: Train back to Vienna airport, fly to Istanbul; Galata Palace Hotel

Apr 18 – 25: Istanbul

Apr 25 – May 3: stay on in Istanbul or visit other places in Turkiye

May 3 – 6: Venice

May 6 – ? Milan

Any time from May 15, join Kristian in France

May 26-29, minimum: Avignon

Will travel in SW France for up to 5 weeks total.

June 8-10 or 12, Montpellier.

June 18 or 19, to Brussels with Margaret to visit Helène and Luc for a couple of days, till the 21st when we all go different directions.

June 21: Eurostar to Ashford, Kent, to visit Diana in Deal. No schedule after that, unsure of other stops in UK, possible time in London.

Early July: possible visit to Arne and Inge in Faxe Ladeplads – waiting for them to consider dates. Will hope to find a way to add a few days in Copenhagen without breaking the bank.

2nd half of July: back to Turkiye, Istanbul and a few spots on the coast.

About Sep 21: fly back to NYC, visit Florence and Peter for about a week – if they are there!

Sept 28 to mid-October: to Webster Groves, Ladue and O’Fallon, MO, visiting Ron and Jo, Laura and Ann, and attending John Burroughs reunion events.

Planning fall visits to Houston (Riveras), Arizona if timing is right for J&J, and a return to Quintana Roo perhaps for a month, before heading back to Europe. During this time in the US, I’ll be trying to get a long-stay visa for France so that I won’t have to worry about the 90-days-out-of-180 Schengen rule.

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  1. Jill W

    Safe travels my friend, I will be checking in on you. Hugs…